Building your network from scratch, tools for a career change, and making the leap to a position in a new industry with Kerstin Kirchsteiger

In this episode, Lola speaks to Kerstin Kirchsteiger, PhD, a Scientist turned Executive Coach for ambitious women who want to break through the glass ceiling AND enjoy a fulfilling family life, guilt-, and burn-out free. Motherhood taught her the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Leadership in the home and she became a GENOS-certified EI practitioner and CEC-certified executive coach.

She has worked with international clients from Leaders Lounge Australia, Boeing Leadership Network, Thermo Fisher, and EDF Renewables amongst others.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How starting a family and shifting your focus can help you build your dream career
  • The process of changing careers as a scientist to helping women in STEM
  • Tools and key questions to help you understand when it is time for a career change
  • Becoming a mother and seeing that role as great training for being a leader in corporate
  • Tips for building your network from scratch as an immigrant


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Welcome to the “Thriving in Intersectionality” podcast. A podcast created to help you learn from professionals in the workplace who have multiple intersectional identities; from ethnic minorities, veterans transitioning into the workforce, individuals with disabilities, parents, and so many more. 

Hosted by Lola Adeyemo, who is the CEO of EQI Mindset and the founder of the nonprofit Immigrants in Corporate Inc, her mission is to work with organizations to build more inclusive workplaces.

This podcast was built to amplify the voices of leaders and immigrants in the corporate workplace and to give insights and guidance so people can move past their “barriers” and advance in their professional careers.

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