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Our program helps...

Immigrants and 1st Gen Professionals

Corporate Employees From Diverse Sectors

Early to Mid Career Employees Who Are Emerging Leaders

climb the corporate ladder,
get paid what you are worth,
get the promotion you deserve,
get the dream job after graduation,
transition to a different career you love,
start the side gig,
and so much more!

We are the ARCHITECTS of our own career success story, but we have to do the work to own the narrative of our own story.

This membership will help you answer questions like...

How do I find a job I love in my field?

Where do I start if I want to transition to a new field?

Where do I find a mentor to help me advance in my career?

How do I find other people like me to network with?

Are there communities outside of work that will support my career growth?

I'm confused about my next career step, what do I do?

What You Get

Monthly Video Content

Every month, you get access to an educational video in different career advancement topics.

Monthly Q&A Call

Building a career you care about takes comes with questions - so each month you have the opportunity to ask questions that are top-of-mind so you can get your questions answered and hear current professional insights.

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Your only job is to hold the vision for your career and set goals that actually help you get there.

This membership includes videos on the topics below (and so many more!)

Every month, we include of-the-moment video topics and answer your most important questions so you get what you need to advance your career

Identity & Intersectionality

Communication Styles & Influence

Personal & Career Branding

Networking, Mentoring & Sponsorship

Individual Contributor to People Manager


Side Gig Economy

Career Transition & Gaps


Continuing Education & Certifications

Toxic Workplaces

Career Balance

What People Are Saying

Carrie Sawyer

I consider Lola to be the ERG guru! She is an amazing communicator and is able to connect easily with her audience through stories, practical examples, and her own authentic speaking style. I always value her perspective, she's the type of person you definitely want on your team when solving problems in the DEI space.


Sarah Horton

Lola Adeyemo is a passionate and inspiring expert on how to build diverse, inclusive, and effective workplaces. She leverages her years of navigating corporate environments and building employee research groups from the ground up to help business leaders and organizations achieve their missions. Her relatable personality and willingness to share personal stories will engage any audience.


Get to know Lola, your program leader

As the founder and CEO of EQImindset and Immigrants in Corporate, Lola is immersed in the topics she teaches everyday. From giving a Ted Talk on belonging, to writing her book Thriving in Intersectionality, to her background in corporate America spanning 12+ years - Lola is a wealth of knowledge to help you in all aspects of your career acceleration. 

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How do I understand the world of work so well that I have the ability to move in the direction I want to?

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