Continuously Building Your Cultural Intelligence and Incorporating Feedback with Lola Adeyemo

In this episode, Lola discusses the challenges of integrating your background into your career and how it can affect communication and leadership skills.

This episode covers: 

  • Why communication is important in how you lead in the corporate space
  • How asking questions and being curious can help you be a better leader
  • Developing cultural intelligence is a skill every leader needs to build an inclusive space
  • The importance of seeking feedback from every level in the company and every team you work with


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More about Thriving in Intersectionality Podcast:

Welcome to the “Thriving in Intersectionality” podcast. A podcast created to help you learn from professionals in the workplace who have multiple intersectional identities; from ethnic minorities, veterans transitioning into the workforce, individuals with disabilities, parents, and so many more. 

Hosted by Lola Adeyemo, who is the CEO of EQI Mindset and the founder of the nonprofit Immigrants in Corporate Inc, her mission is to work with organizations to build more inclusive workplaces.

This podcast was built to amplify the voices of leaders and immigrants in the corporate workplace and to give insights and guidance so people can move past their “barriers” and advance in their professional careers.

Through interviews and solo episodes, Lola will examine this global world of work. We hope that you can learn a thing or two from our guests, who have a range of experiences and stories to share. Join Lola as we meet new people who are successfully navigating the corporate space.

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