Balancing introversion and leadership, navigating diverse career paths and international experiences, and the role ERGs play in personal and professional development with Alicia Moody

In this episode, Lola speaks with Alicia Moody, a passionate, thoughtful, and value-driven HR leader with experience providing Strategy and HR consultation to business leaders supporting initiatives that impact and enhance organizational culture and business results. 

In her current role as an HR Director, she now supports a leading Medical Device company and leads the HR function.

Alicia passionately serves in diversity, equity and inclusion, as a mediator in her local community, Board Member, and on the steering committee of her current company's Black Employee Network ERG.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Alicia’s career journey from flight attendant, to teaching English in China, and eventually moving into HR and leadership roles
  • The power of being introverted and opinionated to express yourself confidently
  • From networking to mentorship programs, the transformative experience ERGs have on career development that many people might not know 
  • The importance of conflict resolution as an HR leader who is balancing the needs of the business and employees
  • Staying current with market trends and continuously acquiring new skills in an ever-changing job market and with the rise of AI and tech
  • Why effective communication is vital in any role and learning how to work with and talk to people across different cultures and organizational levels is vital to career growth
  • Navigating career transitions and challenges by knowing your purpose and being intentional in her career choices

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