Moving to the United States in high school, becoming a first-generation “knowledge” worker, and overcoming barriers as an immigrant in a system not built for you with Iky Chan

In this episode, we talk to Iky Chan, the Chief Presentation Office and Founder of IKY Studios. Iky is also a minimalistic cartoonist, corporate comedic speaker, and mindset coach. Iky’s mission is to help people shine. 

In this episode, we discuss:


  • The story of moving to the United States as a high school student
  • How Iky got paid to complete a dual-master degree in engineering 
  • Seeing your experience as valuable, even if your first job might not align with your career goals 
  • Barriers to immigrant professionals and why your path might be less straight than others 
  • How a health scare can catapult you into the change you need
  • Advancing your career by getting outside your comfort zone 
  • Strategies to help you find your voice and have confidence in your story
  • Why continuous learning is important in life and in your career
  • Ways to define your own success to create a life you love


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