Founding the Immigrant Academy, balancing a 9-5 while being an entrepreneur, and tricks to adapt to a new work environment quickly with Anjali Nair

In this episode, we talk to Anjali Nair, the founder of The Immigrant Academy - a skill development and mentoring platform to help you restart your career in North America and help you in every phase of your immigrant life. 

She's also a Product Marketing Manager during 9 to 5 and has supported over 1000 immigrants in 2 years with job search tips and courses. She lives in Florida with her husband and swears by good food, good life mantra.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The experience of moving from India and starting her career in the United States
  • Finding resources and learning the job application process in a new country 
  • How to adapt to your working environment and learn the culture to get ahead
  • Found the Immigrant Academy and cultivating a supportive community
  • Balancing a 9-5 while being a founder and how they complement each other


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