Growing up living a marginalized experience, DACA awareness, and finding your worth through your individual story with Marcos Navarro Garcia

In this episode, we talk to Marcos Navarro Garcia, a people and culture professional, currently specializing in employee engagement and diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging. 

Marcos' passion for DEIB is grounded by his experience as a DACA recipient in the United States. He grew up being keenly aware that he was living a marginalized experience and dedicates his career to empowering others with the knowledge to vocalize this experience. Marcos currently dedicates his community involvement to helping Latinx professionals succeed in the workplace. A proud graduate of Butler University, Marcos is also passionate about increasing access to higher education for marginalized communities.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The legal aspects that impact the immigrant identity 
  • Raising awareness about being a DACA recipient and what that experience means
  • Uncertainty around immigration status and how that affected Marcos's ability to “work hard”
  • Thriving in corporate America and how his past is shaping his career
  • Advice to immigrants with similar backgrounds for success in their career


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