The journey of an ERG-focused career, using collaboration to help ERGs thrive, and exploring how we “embrace equity” in corporate culture with Yolanda Stanton

In this episode, we talk to Yolanda Stanton, a seasoned HR leader with over 15 years of experience. She was the first D&I Business Partner at Gusto and built the team from the ground up. She provided leadership, coaching, and guidance at every level in the organization by driving a collaborative, intersectional approach. 

Prior to Gusto, Yolanda led the Talent Acquisition Programs for Uber & HP Inc. She was also instrumental in building the global Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging foundation and strategy at LinkedIn. Currently, she is in transition and looking to bring her DEI expertise to another organization to make an impact!

In this episode, we discuss:


  • Yolanda's definition of “embrace equity” and how it manifests in her career
  • What an ERG-focused career path looks like in practice
  • How collaboration creates an environment where ERGs can thrive
  • Yolanda’s favorite part of being involved in ERG communities
  • The 4 C strategy - career, community, culture, and commerce - when building ERGs
  • How being an introvert can be a strength in the DEI space and tips for fellow introverts


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