Working in the UK, overcoming feeling homesick, and communication tips and tricks with Tomilola Kayode-Adedeji

In this episode, we talk to Tomilola Kayode-Adedeji. Originally from Nigeria, Tomilola immigrated to the UK 12 years ago. She is currently a Planning Manager within the Oil and Gas industry with over 14 years of experience in project management, planning, and customer fulfillment. 

She is passionate about mentoring, coaching, and empowering people to grow and bring out the best in themselves.

In this episode, we cover:


  • Finishing school and getting a job in the UK and what searching for a job was like
  • Feeling homesick, finding community, and making new traditions in your new home
  • Advice for her younger self on entering the workforce and joining corporate culture
  • Communication tips and ways to make it easier to communicate with your coworkers


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