IIC: Working in software, being a 3-time founder, and building self-confidence while working in a corporate setting with Farzad Khosravi

In this episode, we talk to Farzad Khosravi, a coach, mentor, and 3x founder (most recently of Cicero.ly). Farzad considers himself a scientist at heart, and is an immigrant with a passion for politics and philosophy who believes we should leave the world better than we found it.


In this episode, we cover:


  • Reflecting on the experience of moving to the United States as a child and how it shaped his future and work ethic
  • Tools available to everyone that can help you build self-confidence in the corporate workplace
  • How practicing mindfulness can help you learn to be less self-critical at work and in your personal life
  • The role that companies play in employees being and feeling successful at work

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