IIC: Working in Silicon Valley, using your culture to excel in your career, and becoming an Executive Coach with Victoria Shiroma Wilson

In our original series, Immigrants In Corporate, our mission was to amplify and empower the voices of immigrant working professionals looking for support at work. 

In this episode, we talk to Victoria Shiroma Wilson Ed.D. who is passionate about empowering others to design sustainable strategies toward transformation that is in alignment with their values, cultural identities, and unique dreams. Growing up biracial at the intersection of multiple distinct cultures, languages, and nationalities adds dimension and lived authority to her understanding of societal dynamics and the importance of understanding how one’s unique voice can be a competitive advantage in today’s interconnected world. 

To feed her insatiable curiosity, Victoria earned her doctorate from the University of Southern California. She serves as an executive coach for socially conscious leaders and designs courses on identity, culture, career, and leadership.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The experience of moving from Japan to America
  • Why and how to seek out resources as an immigrant
  • What a social contract is and what it can mean for your career performance
  • How your background can help you excel in corporate America


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More about The Immigrants In Corporate Podcast:

Welcome to the “Immigrants in Corporate” podcast. A podcast about Immigrants and the journey to belonging and thriving in the corporate workplace. Drawing on her experience as an immigrant with years of experience in corporate America, and her current role as a certified diversity professional who is working with global corporations to build a more inclusive workplace for underrepresented employees, Lola Adeyemo is amplifying the voices of immigrants across different geographical locations and within the corporate workplace. This podcast is focused on highlighting the different barriers immigrants face in the corporate workplace and sharing insights for overcoming and thriving at work by leveraging individual uniqueness and cultural background. The discussion will be based on the different categories from the book “Thriving in Intersectionality”.

As an Immigrant in the corporate workplace or an International student looking forward to getting into the corporate workplace in a new country listen in for insights and visit www.immigrantsincorporate.com for more information on social media communities and upcoming live events and resources.

Join Lola Adeyemo, each week as she connects you with immigrants who work across different industries and in different parts of the world. Hear their stories and learn how they are working towards belonging and thriving every single day.